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25 Jun 2012  

Windows 7
Dv6 Semi-bricked, Corrupted BIOS

Comp Information:

HP Pavilion Dv6z-1100se Artist Edition Notebook (2009)
AMD Processor Duel Core
Windows 7 64-bit

About 5 days ago I started up my computer in the morning and everything was working fine. I shut down the laptop, packed it up and took a 3 hour car ride back to my place. I go to start it up when I get back and this is what I experience:

-system lights turn on and fans turn on
-screen stays blank
-2 blinks from numlock & capslock

I leave the computer to sit for a day while plugged in and it miraculously worked the next day. 2 days later, the comp regresses back to the symptoms above, and letting it sit is not going to fix it this time.

Internet sources tell me that I have a corrupted bios, so while I was searching for manual ways to flash the bios, I was referred to the following two pages for fixing Insyde BIOS's:

Undocumented INSYDE BIOS recovery method.-Use andy's tool to obtain possible names....


Bricked HP HDX 9430 after BIOS update...

Thus far I've attempted to flash the bios twice with no success. I have no access to my bios so I can't retrieve a number to rename the files, not to mention I can't even find the .bin or .sig files when I extract the .exe. I feel helpless and I'm too broke to get it fixed not under warrenty.

Is there another way to fix this issue? Is it software or hardware related? Am I better off just taking out my hard-drive and putting it in another computer? Is there a jumper on my motherboard that I should inspect? Any assistance is appreciated.
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