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25 Jun 2012  

Windows 10 Education 64 bit

Resetting a Laptop BIOS can be a pita. Removing the BIOS battery, if you can find it, will usually only screw up the date and time. The reset jumper, if there is one, is well hidden and not marked as to what it is. It's all done so as to make it very difficult for a thief to bypass your BIOS/Boot password. The chip used to store the BIOS info is different from what you would find in a desktop PC. Removing the battery will not erase it.

Things you can do.
Connect an external monitor to the laptop and see if you then get a display.
Remove the regular battery just in case it has shorted out.
Reseat your RAM modules, or even remove them and see if you get an error message.
Remove your hard drive, sometimes a failed drive will prevent a successful POST.
Remove your BIOS battery, sometimes if they have shorted out the PC will not POST.
Check to see if the light is on your power pack, or check it with a volt meter to verify its working correctly.
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