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26 Jun 2012  

Windows 7

I don't have access to an external but I've pretty much already ruled out problems with the screen

I've removed the regular battery during startups because most internet resources say to take it out, but it hasn't made a difference thus far.

I resat my RAM earlier today but I didn't leave it out to search for error messages, neither the harddrive; I'll attempt those tomorrow.

Everything seems fine power-wise. The power indication light is on and everything.

I also tried removing the BIOS battery to try and reset it, but that didn't work either. I was looking at a picture of my motherboard and couldn't find the jumpers anywhere. I would look at the actual motherboard, but I'd have to disassemble my entire laptop to get to it (painintheass).

Anyone got any tips on possibly flashing the BIOS from the USB drive like the forums (posted above) said?
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