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27 Jun 2012  

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It seems from some hint at that the issue is somehow related to profile and signing on. I for one, after being forced to abandon Outllok (and Outlook Express) when my new laptop came with Windows 7, installed and launched Windows Livemail --- imported contacts, and all seemed well...

...I always declined (by closing the dialog box "x") the sign-on dialog... it went places I didn't want to go, involving other applications and entities I use. THis seemd to work, for almost a year, no issues. Always launched Live Mail when rebooted or whatever but closed that signon box.

...after persisent (annoying) reminders to update, I said YES. All my contacts were then gone. I played with restore and also signing on, and all seemed to be back. I didnt check them, but there were hundreds so I assumed all was well.

Today, one of the users I send to often, starting with letter P, was missing when I composed an email. I subsequently noticed all the P's were gone except 3 users I communciated with recently. I also notice ALL the a's are gone, even though I have had many A'name contacts over the year(s), but all the B's are there. I went to saved messages and found a message from a contact name starting with A, opened it, and chose ADD CONTACT. Instead of saying "already added" it accepted it. Now there is one A and many B's. It makes no sense. MICROSOFT Cmon PLEASE explain this all better please!!!
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