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28 Jun 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
BDOD on boot up Windows 7 x64 (crashes when the Windows logo appears)

Hi there,

This thread is not much of question but rather an answer to anyone who encounters a similar problem.
Therefore, I do not know if this is the best place to post this. You are welcome to move this thread.

Here was my problem:
I had recently formatted my PC and reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and every time I would start my computer, generally after it spent the night switched off, the machine would hang while Windows loads, as the logo would start to appear.
The computer would hang for 2 seconds or so, then I would get a BSOD with varying error messages and codes.

My computer would reboot on its own but keep crashing until it eventually hangs generally as Windows is loading forcing me to restart manually.
After enough restarts (and BSODs), the computer would manage to load Windows and get me to the welcome screen. I could log on fine and would not get BSODs under Windows while I was using it. The crashes happened solely while Windows was loading during boot up.

My system consists of the following:
- 64GB SSD drive on which I have my OS installed.
- 2x 1TB HDDs set up in RAID 0
- 2TB HDD used for backup
- Intel i7 930 processor
- 6GB of DDR3 RAM
- AMD 6800 HD Graphics card
- MSI X58 pro-e motherboard

I formatted the PC and reinstalled Windows about 6 times from different images of Windows, yet the problem still persisted.

I checked my drivers and downloaded the latest for each components and nothing would do.
After nearly a month of research and trial and error and with the help of a friend, I went into the process of disabling most of my devices from Safe Mode. The machine would boot without problems into Safe Mode but also BSOD when trying to run Windows Recovery during boot up.

I eventually pin pointed the cause of these crashes to be the Communication Port. Once I disabled it, the computer would not crash anymore during boot up and everything worked just fine.

Isolating this problem took me a while since there were several other changes that had been done (such as a BIOS update which was done on the first reinstall or my RAID 0 config) that could have possibly influenced the computer to behave that way.

Anyway, I have finally fixed this problem and wanted to share it so that if anyone runs into something similar, this post will hopefully help you solve your problem much faster.
The article that helped me to resolve my problem was this one:
Windows 7 Blue Screen Of Death Loop, Cannot log onto my Primary Hard - Microsoft Answers
The instructions in the first answer helped me pin point my problem.

That's all I wanted to share. I hope it helps whoever is unfortunate to run into the same problem.
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