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29 Jun 2012  

windows 7 64 bit home premium
Windows folder icon changing on rename

I am having very bizarre behavior with the folder icon changing when I rename a folder. On my C: drive, I have a folder named mydata. I created it using Google Drive, and renamed it to mydata. The folder at first showed the Google Drive triangle icon, and now shows the recycling arrows on folder icon, showing it needs updating. So far, so good.

I now created a separate folder on my C: drive named "mydata backup". Upon creation of the folder, it gets the google drive icon (recycling arrows). If I create a folder with any other name, it gets the standard folder icon. If I rename a folder to "mydata anything", it immediately takes on the google drive icon! If I rename it to "xmydata anything", it goes back to the normal folder icon!

I doubt that Google Drive is changing the icon, since in theory it doesn't know about a new folder or a folder rename outside of the folder it controls, so I assume the icon change comes from Windows 7 itself. Has anyone seen anything like this? If not, I will go to the Google Drive people and see if they have an answer.

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