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30 Jun 2012  
Coram Daes


But the analysis can only be as good as the crash data received. Nevertheless interesting.
We present the first large-scale analysis of hardware failure rates on consumer PCs by studying failures in the CPU, DRAM, and disk subsystems.
Yeah well that may be intersting read for harware manufacturers

Selection, bias, 3.2.1, yeah, what I feared.

My machines are not there.

Figure 6 shows that white box machines have less reliable CPUs and dramatically less reliable DRAMs than brand name machines, although disks are just as reliable.
Goes to show when homebuilders go for the cheap way out. I currently have 5 homebuilt desktops (two are modified HP U desktops) and I do not think they have any of the described issues. But then again, the stats are a bit overwhelming to the contrary.

How does this study help improving Windows? Ah, section 8. Interesting.
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