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02 Jul 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Goddag exoTron! Jeg har det fint, tak

I can't find any info related to 'Auirionix' on Google, it's not misspelled right?

I've searched a specific columns i want to add on 'Choose Details' window, it's not existed (a 'CD catalog' column, for an example) or existed but not displaying anything (just blank, like 'bit depth' column).
it seems that the bit depth column only shows info on image files, not on audio or video files, so maybe Explorer cannot detect all metadata from a specific files. i don't know, but bit depth info should exists on audio & video files, right? so it's a little confusing when the 'bit depth' column only shows info for an image files.

it's not very important though, i thought i'd be cool if i can display a complete info about the audio files on Explorer, that's all.

tak for dit svar, exoTron!
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