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03 Jul 2012  

Windows 7 Professional x64
Skyrim BSOD and frequent crashes (.dmp included)

I have a .dmp file attached.
The crashing seems to only happen while playing Skyrim, whether the game crashes to desktop, freezes, suffers heavy sudden lag then freezes, restarts my computer instantly, or bluescreens then restarts my computer. It's the only game that this happens with it seems...

Please let me know what information you need to know about my computer. I believe this may be stemming from my graphics card. I have an MSI Nvidia GTX 570 Frzr III Power Edition. The game runs on Ultra settings, everything turned to max, and these crashes happen with or without mods, so they aren't the source.

My settings under the graphics control panel are set to default, and I use the overclocking MSI Afterburner software to overclock the graphics card, and the crashes happen just the same without any overclocks.

I can't come to any conclusion since I can't even open this .dmp file, and I don't know how to read them.

Thanks for any help you give.
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