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04 Jul 2012  

Win7 Pro 64

How much ram installed? Yes, a dual core will be slow. To help speed things up though, you need a scratch disk (second disk). When rendering to the same disk, your read/writes are going through the roof. Take a look at your task manager, then bottom left and look at your page number. Bet its real high. Most Video editing software will use every bit of memory, then will go to virtual memory (writing to a spot on the hard drive again).
By reading from one disk then writing to a second disk, your main disk isnt so choked up reading and writing. But as was posted above, you should use a quad core. Or, render while you sleep.

Adobe premier 10 is pretty good. Am still learning it coming from mac OS X. Keep an eye on newegg and you can sometimes get it for 50% off.
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