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05 Jul 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

okay, SIW, Greg, F5ing and everyone,
Partition recovery wizard full scan is runing, and yet its 12%(realy slow on these 5400 spiners).

Already, at the top it shows a 10mb partition filed up 8mb. Then that 100mb reserved with 86mb free. Then there is my c: 8mb used out of 100gb. And then there is about 7 or 8(it doesnt allow to scroll) partitions 1 or 1.5mb filled out of 3.02mb. And these have a label BOOT infront of them.

So, problem is, what partitions should I check?
All of these(including these 3mb crunches) or just that 10 and reserved 100 mb with My C,D,E which shows there exact sizes?
Help please.
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