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05 Jul 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
Unusual freezes and slowdowns

I have been experiencing unusual freezes for the last couple of months. Most of the time, the computer runs fast and smooth, but randomly, it freezes for a 30s-2min interval. It is extremely frustrating and confusing. It is not your usual freeze or a slowdown. It happens when I am running performance taxing processes such as video games, but also when I'm on Google Chrome (or whatever browser) or simply browsing folders looking for something. And the freezes are weird, I can still move my mouse cursor, but everything else is unresponsive. I can't turn on the task manager either, it shows up only after the slowdown is over. In StarCraft 2, the game runs fine (except for the suspiciously long loading times), until the freeze occurs, then the sound starts looping and I can only move my mouse cursor. In Skyrim, the game runs perfectly fine (settings maxed), but suddenly, sounds stop playing and the game freezes until it manages to load the sounds. Weird and hard to describe.

I have tried everything: reinstalling windows, taking out the RAM sticks to see if one of them is faulty, setting RAM latencies, updating every possible driver, taking out the 1,5 TB HDD out... the hotfix and SP1 didn't work either.

It is quite frustrating, thanks in advance to everyone who tries to help.
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