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05 Jul 2012  

windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
"Unable to remove read-only attribute" when install game from CD ROM

Hi all,
i running windows 7 64 bit.
i am trying to install a Game called "Real Flight G4" From 4 CD Roms,

But when i Click "Setup.exe" on th first cd, it comes up with this error

"Unable to remove read-only attribute from copied file:

I have trid righ clicking on the Setup2.exe file and changing the Attribute, but hen it gives this error

"An error occured applying attributes to the file:
Access Denied"

I have googled i and i cant find anything.
I know i can install thison a windows 7 64 bit pc, as i used to ue this game on my old pc, which ran the same OS.

Please Can someone help, as i really need this game, as i use it t practice for when i Fly My Radio Controlled Helicopters.

Thanks in advance

Cheers Corey
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