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06 Jul 2012  

Windows 7 x64 Professional SP1

Oh.. you tried to move the files? The dialogue box is right, you can't do that.

How about just copying them instead?

Select all the files on the disc by going to the disc window, pressing Ctrl-A to highlight all the files, then Ctrl-C to copy, followed by Ctrl-V in your target destination window...

Moving files from a Read-Only source like CD or a DVD is obviously impossible but copying them should be possible unless your installation media has been scracthed or deformed..

Also can you check your DEP (Data execution Prevention) settings for me and post a screenshot of that too, apparently there are issues with getting the installer to run properly under certain DEP settings.

Go to start|type in systempropertiesadvanced|enter|advanced tab|Performance Options|Data Execution Prevention Tab|Ensure the Turn On DEP for essential Windows programs and services only is selected|Apply|Reboot PC

"Unable to remove read-only attribute" when install game from CD ROM-capture2.png

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