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06 Jul 2012  

Windows 7 ultimate x64

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Manual, all the way for me...

CCC's automatic updater installs the new drivers on top of the older ones you already have on your system... additional space will be consumed as Windows keeps a copy of the older driver in Windows\system32..

Problem with this is that say in the future you want to do a manual install by yourself, when you uninstall the CIM package (Catalyst Install Manager) completely, it only uninstalls that version of the drivers.. and what happens when you restart?

Windows pulls out one of the previous drivers you have on your system (that it has kept as a rollback when CCC installed the newer drivers automatically), and complicates the issue.

Instead of seeing a fresh Standard VGA Adapter entry in your Device Manager, you'll see the older driver kept by Windows because CCC helpfully installed the new driver on top of the older one...

So you have the keep on uninstalling all the previously accumulated ATI graphic card drivers that Windows has kept in its system folder (one for each month that CCC kept on updating your system with ) using the the device manager until it reverts back to the Standard VGA device to ensure a new clean driver install can be performed on your graphics card..

That is a veritable hassle and is why i'll never use CCC's auto update utility; in fact i don't even use CCC to manage my graphics card..

ATI Tray Tools download from

Phew.. that was a mouthful...
Thanks a lot Solarmystic. I agree with you for the manual update.
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