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08 Jul 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate
How to make two displays independent from each other (res probs)?

So, I have a Radeon Mobility HD 5470 512 MB GDDR3.
It is a laptop with a main display, a VGA and a HDMI output.

When I connect a display to the VGA or HDMI it works nice, on the secondary screen i put something on full-screen but then when I launch a game which is not the same resolution as the primary display, on the secondary display, it seems like most windows move to the second display, which is very annoying. Sepecially when parents watch a movie on the second display and I want to play a game on the primary.. then it, like, f*ks up. Is there any solution to this problem? (except setting the games resilution to the displays resolution, my laptop isn'
t the stronest one).

Here are two images visualizing the problem:
(Red vertical line is where the displays split)


My System SpecsSystem Spec