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09 Jul 2012  

Windows 7 x64 Professional SP1

Hello Siveria,

The answer to your question is a qualified YES;

Prio is a freeware application that does it perfectly in the background, with minimal user intervention.

All you have to do is install it, reboot your computer, run your targetted program once, go to your Task Manager while the program is running, right click on your application, and change the priority.

Prio will remember what you've chosen for that application, so that the next time it will launch at the same priority until you change it again manually for that specific program.

An added bonus to Prio is that It allows you change all sorts of other things like not only CPU Priority, but also an remember's an application's CPU preference (choosing the cores that you want an application to use) and also the default Disk IO priority which is arguably more important when dealing with disk intensive operations that could clog up your system like File Extraction or Bulk File Copies.

Here're a screenshot of the task manager after it's been modified by Prio:-

Am I able to do this. Launch a program at a higher default priority?-capture3.png

Prio - Priority Saver

Hope that answers your query.

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