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10 Jul 2012  

Media Center Black Screen

Lately when I run Windows Media Center and I'm watching live TV, the screen will just go black and the sound will stop. I can't get anything to come up on the monitor (goes into sleep mode), yet the hard drive is still going and power is on the pc. I have to power down the pc and reboot it.

I have checked all my power settings and made sure they are good, I have the latest driver for my Nvidia graphics card. I never had this problem and then began about a month ago and seemed to go away. Lately it is back. WMC will play live tv for about 10 minutes and then black screen.

I have run malware and anti virus programs, nothing detected. Updated graphics card, pc isn't overheating.

I have run out of ideas why WMC is going to a black screen. If I run just the pc, I have no problems, it's only when WMC is running.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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