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10 Jul 2012  


Eh, I'm more worried about scumbag DRM implementations - mostly because I'm a gamer.

1. Buy game
2. Play it until finished/bored/etc
3. Sell to friend
4. DRM prevents friend from installing
5. ????

This is why I hate those digital distribution methods that don't really give you the "whole" product. I have games I bought in the mid-1990s that still work (!!) because their publishers used a straightforward CP (cd key) implementation that does not depend on them being around to Big Brother everything. Hell, many of those companies even don't exist anymore.

Back on topic, even with this ruling, they can comply by "allowing" you to resell it, but it doesn't force them to let the subsequent purchaser to actually make use of it. It's like buying a secondhand car, and then having to go to GM because your car engine won't start without their say so despite the transaction having nothing to do with them.
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