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10 Jul 2012  

Win 7 starter 32 bit
Windows update will not work properly

Hi all,

I just posted in another thread the same problem but it was a little old so I decided to start this thread anyway.

So, my problem is this.

"Windows Update cannot check for updates, because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer."

Background information.

I have a netbook which has a partition for recovering the computer to factory settings. I was having lag issues. I thought it may be to do with my hdd as it was in a car accident and didn't sound amazing. I have had no real big issues with it yet though. I also thought I would try a factory reset to see if that may have been the problem. I replace the hdd no worries (i cloned it) but that was not the problem (as may be obvious to some here).

I tried a factory reset. It didn't work properly. I panicked, after I though about it though I realised the new hdd was a different size and so this may have been the issue. So I put the old hdd in again and recloned it, did the factory reset on it. It worked fine. So still wanting to use my new hdd, I did another clone. I now have the new hdd in the computer with a factory reset state. I went about installing what I needed. All was going well until I wanted to install my antivirus, it would not install, it wouldn't start to install. Same with iTunes.

I had tried a win update before this and nothing had happened, maybe this should have told me there was a problem then. I don't know.

So, I tried the System Update Readiness Tool. I got an error 'Installer encountered an error 0xc8000257'

I tried microsoft fixit. it could not run properly either.

I tried another suggestion on this forum involving changing the windows update settings and trying again. that didn't work either.

I don't know what to do next.

Can anyone suggest anything?


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