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11 Jul 2012  

win 7 home premium 32 bit ?

Hi again Massimar,
Just been looking at my hard drive (1TB) situation. It stands at 872gb of 923gb = 51GB (it was 873gb before reinstalling of Norton 360) So that's 51gb .... gone on what ? I have only had the machine 10 days, and have downloaded next to nothing (there are about 6 piffling items in Downloads (45mb); and I have transferred all I am going to from my old Vista Basic computer. So the Library contents now stand at :-
VIDEOS ... ...............25mb
Giving a total (with downloads) of circa 3GB. Knocking that of the 51GB gives us 48GB ..... so WHAT THE HELL has that 48gb gone on ? A stupidly massive OS of course ...
You may ask why I am getting so excited ? Because:-
(a) all I do on the damned machine is a bit of word processing; a bit of 'safe' emailing to folks I know; a bit of 'safe' surfing (BBC news and the like ... and newspapers .... and downloading the odd Ebook.). Yes, you have guessed it .... my constant gripe these days is that these comps OS's are getting REALLY OTT for the requirements of some folks.
(b) .... My Vista Basic comp only had an 80GB HD ..... so that 51KB would have killed it stone dead on the first day ..... so can you, or anybody, tell me what that 48 GB is comprised off ? I have just looked at the properties of Computer>Windows :-
There are 7 Progs :- WINDOWS = 15gb; USERS 3.73gb; PROGRAM FILES (x86) 1.2gb; PROGRAM FILES 452mb; PERF LOGS empty; INTELL 832kb; APPLICATIONS 1.28gb. The total of that little lot = 22.50gb. Which still leaves 25.5gb unaccounted for .... ANY IDEA WHAT WILL BE IN IT ?
NOTE ... trash bin empty.
In among that 22.50gb will be the vast amount (around 40 or so ... some very big) of MS updates. After they had installed themselves the keyboard and Norton went AWOL. So, my friend, in view of my needs, as set out above, would it not be reasonable of me to think in terms of turning OFF MS UPDATES ? ....after all, what I have on board now will suffice in spades for my limited requirements. I am not interested in an OS that will take me to the moon; and I am sure that WIN 7 (and no doubt win 8) will soon, if it cannot now ?, get us there one day ?
Of the day that remains make it a happy one. And thanks once again !
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