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12 Jul 2012  


Yes, I love and their ilk.

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If more people refused to buy such products, the practice would cease (i.e. the companies would stop doing it and/or they'd go out of business).
It's already too late... there's already a wide audience for this crap. We might feel attached to our purchases, but there are tons more people who play $0.99 "Angry Bird" caliber games and think nothing of buying into a vendor-locked anti-consumer product.

You can fleece these suckers of their money every single time and all they do is whine for a couple of seconds until they get distracted by the next Big Content trailer featuring a girl with her tits hanging out and explosions in the background.

I won't be surprised if the next generation consoles turn out to be bricks that only do anything when the server at the other end of the connection feels pleased with the money you fed it. I mean, you probably read the recent articles about Sony contemplating "100% digital distribution"? That's right, a cloud console: no discs, nothing on your end, ever. Bet this concept has Sony jizzing its collective pants, they finally get to control everything, all you can do is sell them your soul via monthly subscription. Games, movies, music, you buy everything from them.

And you'll like it.

Because Sony says so.

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