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14 Jul 2012  

Win7 Home Premium 64bit
Windows not allowing client side web launch?

Ive been having an issue for several weeks now where windows will not allow programs to launch web based items, ie: Acrobat opening links in Pdf's, Any program trying to open help tabs or 'about' pages, Loader screens for games not allowing to open website links for accounts, forums, downloads etc...

At the same time I noticed my menu's in all programs also changed the manner in which they opened- they cascade to the farthest left alignment instead of classic right side orientation- this applies to the desktop right click as well.

At first I ignored these as they were only annoying and I thought they would resolve themselves thru future updates- not the case.

Any help would be great- Im not illiterate to PC operation and have checked the usual culprits of my Firewalls and such- I was unable to try and back track which specific update could have cause this though as I allowed it to exist for several weeks.
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