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18 Jul 2012  

Win 7 Ultimate 64
Migrating from RAID to AHCI, Win 7

The conclusions are :
- The raid field cannot be migrated from RAID mode to AHCI mode directly; needs to be recreated
- AHCI mode decreased the booting time by 20s
- EasyBCD is not almighty; if it's not working, try Visual BCD Editor
- there are still nice people out there willing to help :-)

Current setup: 2x HDD in raid 0 (stripping, 4TB ) and 1 SSD (system, 120GB) ; The RAID mode is selected in BIOS. Mainboard Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H. Windows 7 Ultimate 64, NTFS

It was built 2 years ago with the system installed over the two disks in raid 0. Recently I bought a SSD and migrated Windows onto it. I have read that Gigabyte with AMD controllers have performance issues in RAID mode and that it's recommended to use the AHCI mode.

Is it possible to migrate to AHCI mode without loosing the data (for my setup)? Is it worth it? My guess is that since Windows are on one disk it should be possible to boot them and run the two disks in a (software?) RAID.

In addition the BCD was not transferred correctly to the SSD (it is still on the raid disks) and when I change the mode to AHCI I get the 'missing system' message. There is some problem with it to be migrated to the SSD (seems like access rights) and before I play with it more, I would like to know if it's worth it. At the moment, the system is working :-)

Thanks for any advice
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