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19 Jul 2012  

Windows 7 [64-Bit]

I just picked up another GeForce GTX 550 Ti and now I am FPS spiking even on offline single player games now. This is really frustrating. I know that some single player offline games do in fact stay connected to internet while you play them. For example, I have Batman Arkum City and that game stays connected to Windows Live and the FPS spikes are terrible. They happen about every 30-45 seconds which makes the game not very fun to play. I also have Alice Madness Returns and it happens in that game as well, just not as often as Batman does so.
Maybe I need to forward some ports? Or maye it's my CPU? I purchased another GeForce GTX 550 Ti so that I could SLI and I was hoping that my gameplay experience would at least improve but thats not the case. I hope that the SLI hasn't anything to do with it.
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