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19 Jul 2012  

Windows 7 x64 Professional SP1

Hello and welcome to the Forums, Zalunardo.

First thing you'll want to check when your acquired performance does not equal your specs when gaming is to ensure your CPU or GPU clocks are not being throttled down when you're gaming, especially for extended periods of time for whatever reason. (Excessive temperatures, built in throttling mechanisms etc)

Here's a simple experiment you can perform to validate whether or not your laptop has a throttling problem:-

1. Download these CPU and GPU monitoring programs:-

Core Temp:-

Core Temp


GPU-Z Video card GPU Information Utility

2. Run your desired game in windowed mode, and have those two utlities (GPUz and CoreTemp) above running simultaneously next to the program window.

Take note of the clocks/frequencies and temperatures that those two applications are displaying while running the game.

For example:-

Your specs indicate that you've an i7 2630QM that should be running at 2.0 GHz when the cores are engaged and a Radeon 6770M which has default 3D performance clocks of 675 MHz - 725 MHz and a 800 MHz for the Memory as per this website:-

AMD Radeon HD 6770M - Tech

When your laptop is engaged in High Performance mode and running a game, GPUz and CoreTemp should indicate the clocks I've mentioned above in the sensors tab of the application window for GPUz and CoreTemp's main application window.

Need real help to increase fps on my laptop-capture.png Need real help to increase fps on my laptop-capture1.png

(Those are captures from my own laptop running a CPU intensive video encoding progam with no active 3D applications or games running in the background which accounts for the idle clocks on the graphics card, specs are in My System Specs on my post)

3. If the clocks aren't displayed as expected, you may have a throttling problem.

The cause can be determined, again, from looking at the programs.

Temperatures above 85 - 90C may force the system to downclock the CPU and GPU speeds, leading to drastically reduced performance on your end.

There could be other causes too, but we'll get to that when I've received your feedback.

Thanks for your patience.

EDIT:- Ensure that you've run the above procedure with the dedicated video card (6770M) on your system, not the Intel integrated graphics card.

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