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21 Jul 2012  

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1

DPC spike of 2250098282

I think we've found my problem.


Another spike of over 90,000. I'm uninstalling programs that I installed roughly around the time this started happening, and it only spikes so high while a program is uninstalled. Does a computer normally spike in latency when uninstalling?


Used Latencymon to watchdog my processes. I had that spike while uninstalling Skype Click-to-call. Here's what it has to say. Current Total DPC Highest Execution.

Does that mean that ndis.sys is the problem? I've browsed around and it appears that this is a common cause. I know that the process is involved with wireless networking. Could it be that the new network my computer was introduced to somehow caused this? This wasn't a problem with my older Toshiba laptop while I was here, so I'm not sure.


Here's a few more screens after another, much less severe spike. Highest Execution. The bar graphs and advice it's given me.


Wait, hang on. Could disabling additional wireless adapters cause ndis.sys to spike latency? On my college campus for some reason having the additional network adapters activated would cause interference and knock my connection out, so I just disabled my wireless entirely and got an ethernet jack for the wall, but when I left campus I only turned my primary wireless adapter back on.
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