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21 Jul 2012  

New computer, volume fluctuates in certain media files

I built a new computer, with an ASRock motherboard, z77 thing, and installed Windows 7 and everything. It came with some audio things like THX TruStudio.

And I notice that the volume fluctuates very noticeably when I'm playing sound files or video files. It can be a difference where people talking at normal volume is barely audible, like a whisper, then a sudden voice or musical piece coming in is close to ear-splitting when the volume is turned up to better hear the previous bits.

And I noticed this happens in all the same places in certain files, and is the same across several different media players.

I tried shutting off the THX TruStudio, and altering the Realtek settings constantly, but it did nothing.

I found that the only thing that seems to work is turning on "Loudness Equalization" in the SPeaker properties enhancement. I've noticed the strong differences in volume while playing a media file and clicking/unclicking the Loudness Equalization in mid-play.

What's happening here? Should I keep Loudness Equalization on permanently or is it supposed to just be a special feature of some sort if I have a surround sound system or something? (I don't)
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