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23 Jul 2012  

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I live in South Texas. They put it off so long they're still writing the book on procrastination!

My only thought on why you're being told your internet connection is not IPv6 capable...even though your adapter is because the test also goes through your ISP. If anything in that chain (adapter, ISP, modem, router, etc) is NOT IPv6 compatible, you get a fail. All of my equipment is certified IPv6 ready, and this is my test result:

IPv6 to replace IPv4?-ipv6.jpg

It's also my understanding that the big issue facing the world is simply running out of IPv4 addresses - it's NOT an issue about IPv4 addresses still working in the future. Only about what to do for the millions of people just now entering the internet protocol. How to assign them IP addresses and how to make sure their addresses remain compatible with older IPv4 addresses and vice versa.

Interestingly, my ISP addressed the issue of current subscribers being allowed to "upgrade" to IPv6 addresses. They said when they run out of IPv4 addresses, only new subscribers would receive IPv6 addresses. If, and only if, a person or business could show a compelling reason for an IPv6 address would the request be considered. And they have not defined "compelling" because each request will be reviewed on its own merits.

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