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23 Jul 2012  

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Advice needed for choosing a new router

The best thread I found searching is this one: Replacing A Router.
But the latest posts are two years old so I want to be sure my information is current.

What I now have is a personal desktop computer connected directly to a cable broadband modem. For 6 years I have been using a cheap Dlink router that served my desktop computer and a pair of cables running to my son's bedroom, neither of which is in use. The Dlink router has quit working, so it's time to upgrade.

My needs now are for my computer, visiting friends and family's wireless equipment, and possibly some way to send Netflix, YouTube etc. to my TV. Plus any new wireless devices I may own in the future, and the very real possibility of replacing this computer if it goes blooey.

I don't have much knowledge about networking and really don't even know the right questions to ask. So I turn to you good folks to help me out. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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