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24 Jul 2012  

Win 7 Home Premium
Unknown icon in system tray, looks like HTML color chart

The first icon in this image after the up arrow:
Unknown icon in system tray, looks like HTML color chart-unknown-icon.png
appeared shortly after I changed the ink cartridge on an HP printer. It does not show a tool tip when it is hovered over. Its entry in the System Tray customize screen has no associated text.
A double-click on the icon in the tray shows the system "working" rotating circle for about 1/4 of a second, but nothing appears to happen and no other key/click combo appears to get a result. Can anyone identify the icon? Can anyone recommend software that will either list programs in the system tray or show what process controls the object that the mouse is point towards?

By repeatedly double-clicking the icon, I was able to see the title that sometimes appeared in the process manager.

nvcplui.exe - is the nvidia control panel

Apparently it is not working properly or it would open, but that is a different problem.

Thanks for the forum, hope this post helps someone else.

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