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31 Jul 2012  

Windows 10 64 bit

@SirGeorge .. and its a laptop, if he had a keylogger on , i wud have known.. no he thinks he has more knowledge about computers than me, so he wants me to figure it out myself..

@DeaconFrost He is VERY tech Savy.. i learned how to use the computer at the age of 8 or so because of him, and became more interested and learned a lot of things from him as well..

@Surensach I dont think hes using konboot, he may be that will require him to restart the computer.. which i dont think he did.. he logged into my main account.. (the one i use everyday that has admin privs) and came back out and im sure he doesnt know the password..and the password was the same.. i use cmd, and the other administrator account still has my password on it so he didnt use that one..

the shift 5 times way for that he either needs to use cmd from my account or use a windows cd cmd.. >.> ..

and no, i dont think hes using linux.. (but i do leave my things lying around, and there is a ubuntu cd next to my laptop.. )

If i challenge him to open it again, he will.. is there anyway to find out how he does it, by installing a software or some shiz.. :P

can he use the account even though it does not show when u log off?
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