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03 Aug 2012  
Sir George

Windows 7 Professional x64

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Hi All...
The time has come to remove windows xp from my duel boot configeration.
I bought a 240gb ssd and replaced my 60gb ssd. The 60gb ssd that I removed is where my windows 7 Pro is installed. So I cloned windows 7 from the 60gb ssd to the 240 ssd and removed the 60gb ssd and saved it, If I ever need to reinstall windows 7 I'll hook it back up and just copy it to my disc ounce more. I am running Windows 7 of the cloned copy and everything seems to be just fine.
Now the reason for the post.
I installed windows 7 first and installed windows xp after.
I am running three hard drives Which are C-ssd), F-ssd, G-Convention HD ...E: is parition of G drive..
All the posts I am seeing are with windows xp first and windows 7 after on duel boot configerations. Here are some links I looked at...
Remove Windows XP from Dual Boot
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REMOVING XP from Windows XP/7 Dual Boot ... revisited
My windows 7 is on C drive or 0 drive and xp is on E drive which is a 200gb partition of my 1TB drive. So in my case all I have to do is delete the partition that should remove xp but do I have to do anything else to remove all traces of xp...Thanks...
Since you state you use a dual boot with the options of XP or Windows 7, you will want to remove the XP option. The easiest way is with a free utility EasyBCD which can be downloaded from;

I can't think of any other issues you will encounter.
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