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05 Aug 2012  

can not operate photos as slide show in windows live mail

I did that with no luck. The W7 problems are from my wife's computer. I am still on XP. For the past year or so, I have not had a useful reply to problems encountered in W7. During XP days, one could post a question on nearly any forum and receive a quick reply that worked. This past year, I have posted many questions about W7 on many forums and have seldom received a workable answer. I don't understand why that is except that W7 has become too complicated and convoluted for the average computer user to understand and cope with.

That is one reason I will not be going to W7 and W8 does not appeal to me. I'm in my 80s and hope that I can keep XP going for a few more years.

Thanks for trying to help and for allowing me to rant a little.
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