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05 Aug 2012  

Windows 7 PRO x64
SSD + secondary hdd failure.

Hello,I am using a corsair force gt and a secondary ide hdd on a intel dp35dp mobo. At first everything looked just fine,everything was working as intend. Suddenly , computer i get computer freeze from time to time and i can't find the problem here. Bios is set to AHCI , using the intel RST drivers now but problem is still here.Could it be because of ahci setting and the ide hdd ? Before the freezing the HDD stops spining,i can hear him shutting down. Sleep time set to never in power options but that doesn't help,the hdd will 'sleep' even if i have a movie runing on it for example. The freeze looks random to me,it freezes everything ( mouse ,ctrl+alt+del ) etc and i need to reset my pc. Any tips on where and what to look for ?
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