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12 Aug 2012  

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I've played around with W8 -- while it definitely has some interesting features it gets absurdly difficult to sensibly navigate and organize your workspaces / programs etc - especially if you install large applications like Adobe Master collection Cs5 , Visual studio or even the full office suite.

The navigation system doesn't handle any sort of sensible hierarchical structure like the classic W7 start menu but displays everything as a selection of individual square tiles about 5 deep and as many across as you have applications allowing you to scroll leftwards almost without limit-- however the real bugbear of this is that at install time every single application plus all "the bits and pieces" are stored as tiles so you could get 100's and 100's of these - organising these into a sensible structure for LARGE applications is by no means a simple task and takes a lot of time too.

Note also that these tiles are not stored in any hierarchical level - but just individually as single tiles. What they really need is to have had the tiles to include "sub tiles" so you could for a large application simply drop down the hierarchy like the classic menu.

This will NEVER make it into a large workplace -- most Help desks are overloaded anyway even dealing with quite simple problems - sorting out someone's lost Metro tile out of 450 say for example - so the poor user can't start the application won't be an easy one for the help desks of these organsations to sort out in any shape or form.

I suspect like it did with VISTA that people will simply uninstall W8 and install W7 on their new computers -- this happened with VISTA when XP was often re-installed on new computers that came already installed with VISTA.

Finally a lot of corporate upgrades from XP to W7 are just starting. No way are they going to incur the expense and sheer inconvenience of doing this exercise again anytime soon (W7==>W8).

W8 definitely has possibilities for tablets / mobile applications but for working places using apps like Photoshop -- don't think so some how.

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