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12 Aug 2012  

windows 7 pro

RECENT update 2012/08/12 23:45.

Okay I got the internal 2TB seagate drive (dislike that hd manu now). out and into an external case. The external case plugged into laptop. I loaded the drive (mounted it) in gparted and it loads 255 (some memory register of 256 or something) partitions each of a 100.00GB. The extented partition (that contained the 4-5 logicals) says it's unallocated. That data I may have to reformat.

Does anyone know if there's a fix to that other than what I will likely do (just reformat that extended partition? (I will use less partitions - a few less at least - after this).

My estimate is that since I restarted when it was trying to (Disk Management of win7 really bloody sucks) delete the one logical partition, something glitched and it created the maximum (which I estimate is 255 or 256) of partitions in some weird error.
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