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14 Aug 2012  

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Sorry to bump an old post, however this thread was the first result for a google search for heat issues on a phenom II x4 965 chip so I thought maybe my problem (and solution) might help someone else down the road.

A few months ago, I updated my memory and processor at the same time and purchased the phenom II x4 965 chip. I had some problems with the memory first which turned out to be a mobo issue but I ended up resetting the CMOS before it was all said and done and just left everything to "auto" settings. I continued to have heat issues, despite trying new heatsinks, putting new thermal paste on (after using the alcohol soak method to get the old off), trying to move the box to a different location in the house, buying new fans for better flow, etc.

Nothing really worked. I gave up and just let it run and have been mostly using my new laptop for gaming. Just this past week, I found that my processor temp was running at 69C under slight load and I finally got fed up and decided to tackle it, one way or another. Long story short, my motherboard was auto-setting the voltage way too high on the processor.

It was showing up as 1.51Vs in CPUZ. I never checked this before because I would have thought the motherboard would automatically use the best setting. Wasn't the case though. Set the voltage for the CPU manually to 1.375 and my idle temps went from 55C to 38C using the stock heatsink/fan after this change.

Just something else to check for folks - make sure the voltage running to the CPU isn't too high.
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