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14 Aug 2012  

Windows 10 Anniversary, Linux & still Windows 7 Professional x64

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You might try checking to make sure the motherboard battery is okay, but that is a shot in the dark. They usually last a long time. Other than that, keep us posted on anything new, and let us know if it works out.
Hah! Funny you should mention to keep you up to date...I have been working on this for the last 3 hours. it has come down to this,(see img) I created a system restore point to the point of no issues and everything working perfectly. Every time I install one of the following updates, I either get a BSOD for the ntoskrnl.exe (which I have started a post on before) and/or my USB devices not starting up when the computer boots up.

It seems when I install one of these I get the BSOD and the USB devices won't start up..with out them installed.....It's flawless...I'll post back with what I find out..unless someone has an idea here???


Update: For some reason, which is beyond me. For my Marvell Yukon 88E805 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet (I don't know why it is a PCI-E one, cause its not, it's part of my MOBO) the older driver version works flawlessly allowing me to have everything boot up without issue. The only issue leaving this driver installed, the computer will boot up slower but everything comes on together. When I install the updated version, this is where I get all my issues....I have tested it at least 10 times, restarting and everytime, with the old drivers, It does the same exact thing over and over again, which is slower start up and all USB devices working perfectly.
With the newest version, it's a quicker boot up time, but I lose the ability to use mouse and keyboard for almost 1-2 minutes...Faithfully... So now my dilemma, live with which ever one I want to live with, or continue to figure this thing out.....
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