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15 Aug 2012  

Window 7 ultimate 32 bit (french) SP1
Phantom drives appears and false WPD driver error message

I have a strange problem on my PC.

Since window seven 32 bit, clean install, it seem to have phantoms drive

I tried everything, 9antirisu software and so on, reinstall and so.

This was a clean install.

On system manager, in disk I have 4 « ! » error message saying
“Systemfile driver problem WPD”, then “error code 10”
But there are no drives!

I reinstall the driver and so search all the solutions on the net, reset, and still get these exclamation points in Device Manager.
uninstalling from Device manager do nothing, it reappears soon, I may deactivate, but that’s all.

I tried to go in “system management!, and supress the letter sand delete the phantom drives (regular and formal way), If I do so, I got the exclamation mark in device manager.

Or I can attribute letter to them, then no more exclamation mark in device manager… But then also, when I look in Computer, I see all the useless phantom drives (named W, X, Y and Z to this point)

The point is I can use USB drive, i have usually 4 externals drives or USB attached, and they works smoothly.

So this is mainly an annoyance in « Device manager » or in » Computer », but how could I settle it.

I try a “repair install” (without the external drive and USB devices on, of course),
I tried many solutions on the net for this WPD problem, but most don’t apply as my USB drive and flash work well.
And the allegedly “Fix it solution” from Microsoft do loops after loop without any success.

A solution would be so appreciated.

Sorry for my English (I am French)

PS : I was not sure choosing the thread topic (!)
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