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15 Aug 2012  

manually adding data but wmp won't match complete album

Hi People this has probably been asked before but can't find my answer...

trying to manually add album data but wmp forces me to match every single track of every single album - when it already knows what the album is and the contents, as it shows the correct picture and album. This process should take me about 20 years. I assume this is because I am not letting wmp retrieve internet info as it wants because it's always wrong, (so MSN make it as difficult as possible to get info manually I guess)

and because it keeps making single track downloads into individual albums instead of a folder of mixed tracks which is WHAT I WANT. I don't wish to have my music arranged according to a programmer at microsoft... but this takeover by microsoft is getting more and more frustrating as they eliminate more and more customer choice from programs and dictate how it will all be set up and run from microsoft.

Is there anyway we can organise albums, tracks, files and folders the way we want to, instead of having microsoft shuffling them around and deleting databases, playlists and formats it doesn't agree with? Why can't I match the whole album when it appears in the search results? It's not rocket science

any help greatly appreciated
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