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17 Aug 2012  

Windows 7 64-bit

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could you provide a snapshot ?
Not really, it isn't that the actual video lags or stutters, its the actual Chrome browser which lags when a tab containing any kind if flash content is dragged off the viewable screen area. I've since managed to work out that it is the pepper flash plugging they've recently added, if I disable it but leave the other flash plugin enabled the issue completely disappears. I've found the issue to be present on a number of other Win7 machines, it's obviously a bug; I think it maybe a bit easier to spot on my rig as I have a high poll rate and dpi set on my mouse, that and the fact everything otherwise glides on a 3930k/GTX580.

As for MSE and things like chess skipping, this is far less drastic and again happens on the other systems I've tested; I can't deny though, it is odd. The one that really gets me is iTunes; when on the majority of tabs (music etc) no stuttering at all, go to the store and the stuttering is there. Why not go ahead and try it, go to the iTunes store and drag iTunes around with the window partially off the it stutters?
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