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18 Aug 2012  

Windows 7 Premium x64
Windows 7 with grub and boot manager


This is my first post as I have really struggled to find an answer to my questions I felt it was now appropriate!

So my problem is that I not only have a screwed installation of Windows 7 Premium x64 on my second harddrive, I have a messed up version of grub on my primary harddrive.

I recently bought 2 ssd's to put into my Dell LX702 as it can with 2 regular hdd's. The previous hdd's had windows 7 home premium x64 and honestly NEVER failed it.

As the young innocent fool I was I put fedora on the two newly inserted SSD's in my laptop. The reason was I wanted it for development but I forgot the games are rubbish so thought I would move back to play something decent.

Anyway I formatted the ssd's and started the installation and then grub would load up on the primary ssd and fail when the windows 7 restart is required during installation. Grub would go into its saftey recovery mode (As fedora was gone) and sit doing nothing. Now after a lot of installation things suggested to re-install the boot manager with the console and nothing happening I kind of gave up. It then materialized that if I chose the second ssd to boot from (again at the restart during the installation) it worked fine! this meant that the windows 7 install is on my second ssd! This is not to bad as I just changed the boot order.

However the great god Zeus has come down and ruined that for me as I can not install ANY of the windows updates and the installation likes to crash an awful lot!

My conclusion is that this just needs a new format! So what I want to do is get rid of grub on the primary ssd (Not a clue how to do it) and then remove the boot manager from the second ssd and start the installation again!

The things I did to re-install the boot manager were to use bootrec and something else I can't find it now but that didn't work

Anyway I really would appreciate any help

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