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18 Aug 2012  

Windows home premium 32 bit
Second thread-freezing and BSOD approaching product return limit

IMPORTANT: System does not freeze in safe mode but it does freeze in safe mode with networking.

I made a thread a while back about a new laptop i got - basically had different sorts of BSOD and freezing. Can't remember if BSOD were present in diagnostic mode , but the random total freezes were (require restart).

Don't know if i will succeed in returning it but i need to know if it is hardware or software because if i send it one more time in service and it's fine (physically) they will make me pay for it and shipping (to another country).

I sent it to their service (Lenovo) and they changed my HDD and DVD unit.

Now it has several new problems and the ones from before: namely the HDD goes wild with the load cycles and other , click sounds in idle and more minor stuff.

Here is the old thread - for reference - same problems now with replaced HDD.

UPDATE: Ok - it ran more than 10.5 hours in safe mode without problems.

Can i say for certain it's NOT a hardware issue?
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