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20 Aug 2012  

win 7 ultimate 32 bit
Random BSODs(a lot)

Hello, congrats on the great site, i looked a lot on it but couln't find a response to my problem.

I'm getting a lot of bsods lately...i was getting them before too, but that was rarely and it was due to my agp video card (radeon hd 4650)...i changed it recently(because there were more and more bsods) to pci (i know dual slots motherboard) and no more crashes from the video card....Unfortunately i'm having other kinds of bsods. After downloading a bluscreenviewer i noticed avast was causing some of them. I uninstalled it yesterday hoping they would go away, but no such luck.

Like the title says i'm getting them on a random pattern. Yesterday i was watching an youtube video and got one, the one i got today happened while writing an email so i have literally no idea what is wrong with it. I know it is a hardware problem because i downgraded to xp but i was still getting them.

I ran memtest and it found no errors, checked the hdd for bads, couldn't find any, the temperatures are fine( .

Sometimes the pc would just freeze like no bsods it just freezes and i have to reset it

My guess is either the motherboard, the processor or the power source( it's not a "made in china one" it's a spire 450w), have gone to shit

I hope you can help me, thanks

looks like one more bsod while mentions something about ntfs so i guess it's the be fair it does have 8 years

and one more -memory management
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