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21 Aug 2012  

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Security issue in the work network (against hacker employers)

I work in the accounting department of a big hotel complex and I have a very complex VBA script in EXCEL which saves a tremendous amount of time (especially at the end of each month that we 'close' the books). That script I have been developing it through the last years using knowledge from past jobs too. The reason I did this was to make my life easier and it is a project entirely mine having nothing to do with my job obligations.

The thing is that my employers are really pressing me to give them the script. They even passed on the wild side, threatening me indirectly that they will fire me.
Of course what they really want is (as I found out from inside sources) to take the script, sack me and hire someone 5 years younger with half the salary to just run the almost fully automated script to do the job!!

1)The network is running DameWare
2)We cannot run any .exe on the pc and probably other executables
3)I am always running the script from a usb stick of mine

What I would like is some help from you guys to tell me how can I protect the script from possible hacking, and to be more exact:
1)How to encrypt/lock the files on the usb in case of physical theft?
2)How to prevent the hacking\copying of the script (through the network) at the time I am actually using it?
3)After using the script is there any chance that it stays on the disc in the form of cache or temporary files or anything like that.If it does how can I wipe the 'footprints'?

If you read this line you must have a lot of patience.
I would appreciate any answer from you guys as the annual closing of the books is in 2 weeks and the pressure is really on! (they hire staff through 1year contracts if you know what I mean)
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