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22 Aug 2012  

My files save as "read only" and also very strange, ~$...

I can hardly explain how to ask these questions, but will try my best...

1. I do lots of document saving, where I write a Word page and save to Documents. Something happens in the computer where it saves as "Read Only" which I would never ever ever do. Why would this happen and how can I stop it in the future??

2. When looking at my "Document" folders I often see icons of gears or of yellow "scrolls" (like ancient text scrolls) inside rectangular boxes, and other things that make no sense at all...
Looking right now at some, I see that under some of the yellow scrolls, the so-called document reads, "base 2012076 0 81350"- there are about 5 of these, all with the same name as I look at just this one window- and in opening it this is part of what I see:

body{background:#FFF url(/common/static/img/global-bg.jpg) repeat-x;color:#333;font-family:"Lucida Grande", Geneva, Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;font-size:12px;margin:0;padding:0;}body.popup{background-image:url(/common/static/img/smallwin-bg.jpg);}#wrapper{margin:0 auto;position:relative;width:950px;}body.popup #wrapper{width:650px;}#moduleHeader,
body.wide #content,
body.popup #content,

3. Also, at least 1/2 of my documents end up duplicated where I have documents that start with this: ~$(then the name I used to save it.) So far I've been able to find the actual document that I CAN open, but these, I am unable to and don't know how they exist in the first place. Each time I search for a document and see those scribbles (~$) before the words I used in saving them, I go into panic attack mode, worried that my "true" document is lost, never to be found again.

This happens when I am saving for the first time, or at times when I close my document after adding to it or simply reviewing it.

4. I also have "tiny icons" about 1/2 the size of most that appear out of nowhere- example, one that below it reads, "icon-content" and when I try to open it the computer opens a new window that opens Internet Explorer and gives me a popoup that says "a website wants to open web content using this program on your computer" to which I do NOT allow. In the upper left of that window, I see what SHOULD be a document file, but it says (for the example I'm using right now):
C:\Users\Lisa\Videos\MKL Keywords SEED GENERATOR
...which is all I can see of that link. I do use a program within the website hosting company I am working with in which I am currently searching for a site concept, and which has something like a Google Keyword Toolbox of its own...and it uses the words MKL and SEED GENERATOR. I would have no reason to save any internet file like that, but I do extract info from my searches and put them into Excel documents. I don't know why I would have all these icons! Totally confusing!

5. Another icon that shows up constantly is a picture of a camera with writing below that states, " icon-picture" and now that I'm thinking of this, I recall many other times that icons just seem to save themselves, e.g. logos of websites I have visited.

I think that this, for one thing is likely taking plenty of space on my computer, and for another thing, I don't know how to stop all this from happening in the future!

Can anyone help me get out of the mess I seem to find myself in? You probably need more information, but I don't know where to begin! I'm NOT computer knowledgeable to any decent extent, so please, if you'll be kind enough to reply to this, reply in layman's terms.

Thanks so much- in advance- for any help you can give to me! (I did manage to save a screenshot into "PAINT" of two library pages that have lots of what I am talking of...I hope the attachment opens here.)


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