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23 Aug 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium
Possible to covert a plain system part. copy to ISO and make bootable?

I have an Asus Eee PC, WIN7, no inst. media. The touchpad stopped working (a common problem on many Asus Eee PCs I learnt) , during an Asian trip, so I had it repaired by a local shop. However, the repairman must have damaged the recovery partition in the process, as recovery, both in terms of recovery time points and factory state reinstall function stopped working. I started to use a backup software (EaseUS) to make backup part. images on a "restore" part. and it worked well. However, during the last backup about ten days ago (due to the terrible heat here?) I must erroneously have clicked "backup partition - i. e. a plain partition files copy instead of partition clone alternative. Few days ago I made a bad download, which I could not get rid of, so I wiped out the system partition and attemped to restore the system ,only to find that on the restore partition I had not a part. clone, but a plain WIN7 partition files copy, so no restore was possible. Is there any way to convert this copy of a working partition into ISO and make it bootable, so that I can salvage the system?
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