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23 Aug 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit

A dying company almost always comes out with a "new look" and some "new PR" in an attempt to hide the fact they are completely out of ideas for new products that really work in the market place. They repackage the old ideas and call them "fresh", "new", "exciting", All the while blanking out that calling the same old same old a new name adds nothing of value and doesn't make the old new or better.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has billions of cash on hands so their race to the bottom can last far too long. I am quite confident that they can and will finally reach the bottom. Especially since their managers insist on fixing what isn't broken and forcing their pathetic ideas onto the rest of us. Sadly, Microsoft will join a long list of once great companies who thought they controlled the market and found the market had moved out from under them long before the end.
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