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28 Aug 2012  

Windows 7 professional 64 bit
Win 7 suddenly restarts, no error message


Some while ago I moved my PC into a new PC case, and from that point I've had some serious problems.
It all started with my PC no longer being able to start, after a trip to my local store, it seemed to be my graphics card and I've replaced my old Asus EAH5750 with a new Asus EAH 6670.
That seemed sorted, so I continued to use it for a day or so, when it suddenly gave me a blue screen (code: 0x000000c4(0x0000000000000091,0x0000000000000002,0xFFFFFA8009CBE780,0x0000000000000000))
At that point, I just reinstalled AMD Catalyst and the drivers, which solved that problem.
At the end of that day, my screen just changed to stripes of random colors for about a second, restarting after that. Then I bought a new harddrive(WD 1.0TB green caviar, 64 mb cache) and did a clean install of windows 7. Then I got the same restart thing from which this event log file is:Event log(It is Dutch, if you find anything important I can translate it for you, I don't know how to completely translate it).

Now I'm just desperate as I've tried nearly everything I can do.
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